Expert Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Elevate your workspace with our expert commercial carpet cleaning – we turn drab to fab, one carpet at a time!

Ready for Carpet Cleaning Excellence?

Looking to take your office or commercial space from “meh” to marvelous? Look no further than Leading Stars! With more than a decade of experience under our belt, we’re seasoned pros when it comes to keeping your carpets clean and classy in your office, commercial, or industrial setting. Our mission? To give businesses like yours a professional upgrade, whether it’s through our top-tier carpet cleaning services or any other tailored needs you might have. We’ve been sprucing up spaces for years, delighting an array of clients with our magic touch.

How it works

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Process in 5 Steps

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Step 1: Pre-inspection

Assess the carpet's condition, identifying areas of concern and addressing client requests.

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Step 2: Pre-treatment

Apply a suitable solution to break down dirt and stains, optimizing its effectiveness with a specified dwell time.

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Step 3: Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning)

Utilize a professional cleaning machine to inject hot water, cleaning solution, and simultaneous powerful suction for near-dry results.

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Step 4: Spot Cleaning

Address stubborn stains with specialized techniques and products, ensuring thorough removal without carpet damage.

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Step 5: Post-cleaning Inspection

Conduct a final inspection to guarantee a clean, residue-free carpet, and address any additional cleaning needs for client satisfaction.

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